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If Rubber products is your need?

Rubber Bits & Industrial Conveyors, 45 years old existence, is a supplier of quality raw rubber and rubber products based in New Zealand. Our current product line includes raw rubber materials in various international standards, range of rubber products and conveyor system solutions. The company mission is to provide consistent products that satisfy customers’ evolving needs, because we value long term relationships with our customers. We welcome you to join our growing list of satisfied customers.
We also distribute various products of established brands such as Skellerups, Viking, Bostik, Tolin Re-tread Rubber and Storage tanks.

Rubber Bits “Profile”

Rubber Bits Products New Zealand

Rubber Bits and Industrial conveyors are the brands of Sigmma Engineering Ltd. Rubber Bits aim to provide  a reliable and flexible service that meets customer’s specifications by using a range of products under our area of skill and expertise, to ensure customer satisfaction. Our customized solutions set us apart to deliver superior quality and complete solutions you need. We are determined to provide the best and most comprehensive range of rubber products of consistently competitive prices, through high quality retail service to our customer.


Rubber Bits “History”

Rubber Bits Products Wellington New Zealand

Rubber Bits and Industrial Conveyors has been existence for over 45 years. Our dedicated and technical staff have huge knowledge and expertise on comprehensive range of rubber products, belting products and end lessing or joining of belts  for both PVC and rubber belts. Our company has been distributing Skellerups and Viking products for many years now. We expertise in distribution of comprehensive range of Water storage Tanks etc, and ever expanding sight of distributorship of other Brands of related products. We also give expertise solution for Tyre Re-treading. Our customers include large New Zealand local and multinational companies with a vision to expand globally.