BHM01 Surface Friction TesterSurface Friction Tester is used for the accurate measurement of runway surface friction.
BHM02 TRAILER SURFACE FRICTION TESTER.Trailer Friction Tester is used for the accurate measurement of airport surface friction.
BHJ Series self-service Security GateSelf-service security gate machines are mainly used in high-speed railways and airports
BHP01 Transmission RVR Measurement EquipmentRVR is the main basis for determining aircraft take-off minimum standard, approach minimum standard
BHE01 Runway Surface Condition Comprehensive Assessment EquipmentThis is a runway surface condition detection and reporting system
BHD02 Tailer Light Intensity MeasurementIt is a composited dynamic illumination measurement technology and etc.
BHQ01 Multi-functional Support EquipmentIt is used for cleaning surface pollutants of navigation aids , cleaning of signboards, mobile air source)
BHZG01 Aviation Automatic weather observation System.The weather view displays the instantaneous and average values of meteorological parameters in digital and chart format.
C04-H/C06-H/C08-H Handheld laser cloud detectorDevice that monitors the height of the cloud base, the thickness of the cloud