BHP01 Transmission RVR Measurement Equipment

RVR is the main basis for determining aircraft take-off minimum standard, approach minimum standard, precision approach and landing operation classification standard, airport operation minimum standard, planned minimum standard, etc. The visual range of the airport runway directly determines whether the runway can be opened normally and the feasible aircraft approach mode.

The new generation of transmission RVR measurement equipment independently developed by Xinlong uses the recognized laser with the most sensitive wavelength of human eyes as the transmission light source. On the basis of ICAO standard algorithm, by measuring the transmission attenuation of laser in the atmosphere, combined with the airport runway light intensity and atmospheric background brightness, accurately calculate the longest distance of airport runway signs, runway boundary lights or center line lights that can be seen by pilots in the cockpit of aircraft on the runway. This product includes: laser transmitting end, optical receiving end and remote control end. This product can automatically measure the RVR and visibility of airport runway.

Product advantages

1.This product uses 532nm laser with the most sensitive wavelength of human eyes as the light source to avoid measurement errors caused by other wavelengths. The direct measurement results of this wavelength ensure the objective reflection of atmospheric visibility and RVR.

2.This product is equipped with automatic identification function of extreme weather (strong haze, sandstorm, rain and snow weather, etc.) and real-time temperature compensation system to ensure that This product can provide stable measurement data under environmental characteristics such as seasonal change and sudden temperature change.

3.The human eye contrast sensitivity threshold and illumination threshold in the system can be either the recommended value of ICAO or corrected according to the visual parameters of observers, controllers or pilots, so as to ensure the comparability between the measurement results of the system and manual observation.

4. The transmitter and receiver of the system adopt self alignment technology, and the micron-level ultra-high precision full-automatic alignment auxiliary system always ensures the accuracy of extinction coefficient measurement and effectively overcomes the alignment difficulties between the transmitter and receiver.

5. This product adopts proprietary window pollution compensation technology, which can monitor window pollution in real time and compensate dynamically according to the detection results, effectively reduce the maintenance frequency of personnel and timely remind personnel to clean the window.