C04-H/C06-H/C08-H Handheld laser cloud detector

C04-H/C06-H/C08-H Handheld laser cloud detector is an intelligent device that monitors the height of the cloud base, the thickness of the cloud, the distance of the solid target, and displays the measurement results in real time. It can be measured manually and can also be operated continuously.


C04-H/C06-H/C08-H Handheld laser cloud detector can measure the height of the cloud base or the distance of solid objects either vertically or at an Angle. Small size, light weight, not limited by the space conditions of the distribution station, flexible measurement method. The equipment has built-in lithium battery, and the observation data can be displayed on the LCD screen in real time, and stored inside the equipment, which is convenient to read and analyze the data in the future.

Ergonomic design, can be temporary hand-held observation, can also be mounted on a tripod for long-term continuous observation.

Application fields

The equipment can be widely used in cloud observation and research, aviation and navigation meteorological support, military meteorological support, shadow rocket rain enhancement and so on.