BHJ Series self-service Security Gate

BHJ series self-service security gate machines, which are mainly used in high-speed railways and airports, including self-service security check gate machines and self-service boarding gate machines. With leading technology, it was widely used in domestic high-speed railways and airports. The self-service gate can completely replace the traditional manual inspection method and realize a scientific, standardized management and service mode for passengers. According to the characteristics of the industry’s short-term release of large passenger flow, the self-service security gate is reasonably arranged at the security gate, so that dense passengers can quickly check through the self-service ticket machine, which not only saves human service cost, improves work efficiency and serviceability, but also makes passengers fully feel the convenient experience of self-service.

Industrial control computer

All products adopt industrial computers with stable and reliable performance and universal interfaces, which can quickly and seamlessly connect with passenger transport and boarding systems.

Modular design

Accumulated with many years of product design experience, the core function modules adopt the modular design to improve the maintainability of the equipment.

Novel appearance

Collection of simple, science and fashion sense into equipment appearance. Perfect fusion with hall environment, bring out the best feel to each other.

Stable and reliable

The partition sensor configuration accurate judgment logic algorithm with low-power DC servo drive system give attention to customer with safety, security, convenient traffic experience.

Friendly interface

Trichromatic luminous door wing belt, clearly marked channel status indication.Integration of a variety of RFID, biological recognition technology, the whole machine design with friendly human-computer interaction.

Rapid customization scheme 

The team with rich industry R&D experience can provide customized design services and realize differentiated and personalized rapid business connection.

 Xinlong design team carefully creates each software and hardware product from the aspects of product appearance, module selection, internal structure, electrical circuit, user experience and so on according to the personalized needs of various industries, such as the use environment, passenger flow composition and certification means, And through strict testing and perfect installation services to provide customers with the most appropriate security access control solutions. The R&D team of  Xinlong has been constantly exploring and innovating, applying the latest concepts such as the Internet, big data, new sensors and artificial intelligence to the entrance and exit control solutions, and is at the forefront of the technical development of the industry.


Non angular design of structural edge: ensure personal safety in public places; Safe low voltage DC control system: improve the use safety of self-service equipment in public places; Reserve emergency signal response interface: ensure personal safety in public environment; High precision motor servo control system: high precision and low torque ensure personal safety when the door wing moves rapidly.


Industrial control motherboard: photoelectric isolation protection measures are adopted for circuit interfaces, and the system is not affected by the interference of peripheral circuits; High protection grade: the shell and movement control part of the whole machine are subject to moisture-proof and corrosion-proof treatment to ensure the safety of the equipment Stable operation;

High strength steel plate design of the whole machine: Shell design with 2.0mm stainless steel ensure that the equipment is not vulnerable to permanent injury in case of abnormal impact; Independent research and development of core movement: master professional gating technology, wing brake movement, swing brake movement and independent research and development; Sufficient accessories and spare parts: standardized module to ensure the technical support ability of after sale maintenance.