BHQ01 Multi-functional Support Equipment

BHQ01 Multi-functional Support Equipment is special support equipment developed by Tianjin Xinlong Airport Technology Co., Ltd. Used for cleaning surface pollutants (rubber and other pollutants) of navigation aids (center line lamp, side line lamp, taxiway lamp and grounding strip lamp), cleaning of signboards, mobile air source (lamp maintenance), mobile power source (mobile lighting), spraying insecticide on shoulder and so on; The intensity of airport light after cleaning with the professional equipment is restored to ensure flight safety. At the same time, it has the functions of mobile air source (applicable to various pneumatic tools), mobile power supply, lamp maintenance, lighting, pest control at the shoulder, sign cleaning, etc. BHQ01 is multi-purpose, which is suitable for a variety of emergency support needs of the airport.

1. Lamp cleaning: Use environmentally friendly sodium bicarbonate particles to clean the navigation aid lamps (center line lamp, side line lamp, taxiway lamp and grounding strip lamp) harmless; Fast and efficient, each two-way lamp cleaning time is less than 5 seconds;

2. Spraying insecticide: Road shoulder insecticides;

3. Mobile air source: Connect with many pneumatic tools, used for airport lights and other facilities maintenance;

4.Mobile power supply: It can be used for mobile lighting, etc;

5. Signboard cleaning: Clean signboards with atomized high-pressure water.


Key Features:

  • Effective: Remove rubber and other pollutants Fast and efficient: Less than 5 seconds for each two-way lamp
  • Portable: Mobile trailer type
  • Environmental protection: Cleaning with inert biodegradable powder
  • No damage to light: No water or chemical substances will pollute the accessories
  • No cold and heat impact on the accessories Anhydrous deposition on airport ground
  • Easy to use
  • Solid and reliable product spare parts and after-sales service support
  • Dry and wet mobile air source
  • Lamp maintenance
  • Mobile power supply
  • German AL-KO chassis with braking and impact braking device
  • Lighting
  • Good safety
  • Spray insecticide at the shoulder to kill insects Sign plate cleaning (10-20m from the shoulder)

Main Technical Parameters:

  • Working pressure:0.2-0.75bar Flow: 1500L/min
  • Air consumption: 1.8m3/min
  • Pipe size: 4.5-7mm
  • Volume:25L
  • Environment: 0 pollution
  • Engine power: 18.4kW
  • Water tank: 155L
  • Air source: Air compressor (Flow: 1900L/min; Max pressure:8Bar)
  • Power supply: 2.8kW Generator